Marble Floor Polishing and Restoration

Marble Floor Polishing and Restoration

ASI specializes in marble floor polishing and restoration. Since 1970, we have provided excellent services. Our commercial cleaning services can maintain and provide restorative services to your marble floors.

No one can deny the beauty of a marble floor. When you walk into the room, a gleaming marble floor will add to the value of your facility. The “wow” effect of entering a lobby with a gorgeous polished marble floor cannot be denied.

A marble floor can lose its shine and brilliance due to daily wear and tear. The natural stone of marble will last longer with proper care. All marble requires maintenance to prolong its elegance and functionality.

Our Marble Floor Services include:

  • Polishing
  • Cleaning
  • Stain Removal
  • Deep Cleaning

We can polish your marble to remove the scratches and restore it to a beautiful finish. Consult an expert in Marble Floor Polishing and Restoration by contacting ASI for your janitorial services.

By professionally cleaning and polishing your marble, you are also protecting against harmful pathogens staying on the stone. If not cleaned regularly and properly, a film can develop that attracts dirt and discolors the surface finish, in addition to collecting germs. By using the correct products and equipment, we can increase the longevity of the marble and remove the grease, dirt, and film accumulated from ineffective cleaners.

Our commercial maintenance services fit your schedule. We can clean day or night, and won’t disrupt your schedule.

With ASI’s professional marble floor polishing and restoration services, you can enjoy your marble floor for years to come. We have been providing exceptional service since 1970, over 50 years! Some of our clients have been with us for over 35 years. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

We provide superior results, affordable pricing, and knowledgeable staff. Our team members are trained in the best equipment, tools, cleaning products, and cleaning techniques. We have cleaned millions of square feet of marble and know what it takes to make your marble look fantastic again.

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