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America Service Industries

ASI: The Professionals

You run your company in a professional manner.And you should accept no less from the company that cleans and maintains your office.

At ASI, we work hard to maintain the same high levels of quality and service that you strive for in your own company.In short, we are professionals, and we take our work very seriously.When you hire ASI, your company will benefit from cost containment, quality performance,accountability and most of all, an uncompromisng commitment to excellence.

Effective Cost Containment

Like all good business people, you seek ways to control the cost of doing business.ASI will help you do just that.We go out of our way to make sure our people have the training and the equipment they need to perform their jobs with exceptional cost efficiency.We think you'll find that out sourcing your cleaning operations with ASI will offer you significant savings over the cost of hiring your own in-house cleaning and maintenance staff.Simply compare the savings you'll realize when you don't have to pay for taxes,insurance,payroll,bookeeping,slaries,purchasing,inventory control,shipping, abnd receiving, and other associated costs.







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