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ASI: The Professionals

You run your company in a professional manner. You should accept no less from the company that cleans and maintains your office.

At ASI, we work hard to maintain the same high levels of quality and service that you strive for in your own company. In short, we are professionals and we take our work very seriously. When you hire
ASI, your company will benefit from cost containment, quality performance, accountability and most of all, an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Effective Cost Containment

Like all good business people, you seek ways to control the cost of doing business. ASI will help you do just that. We go out of our way to make sure our people have the training and the equipment they need to perform their jobs with exceptional cost efficiency. We think you'll find that out sourcing your cleaning operations with ASI will offer you significant savings over the cost of hiring your own in-house cleaning and maintenance staff. Simply compare the savings you'll realize when you don't have to pay for taxes, insurance, payroll, bookkeeping, salaries, purchasing, inventory control, shipping, receiving and other associated costs.

Stringent Quality Control

We've designed our company with multiple levels of accountability. Our skilled, professional team leaders, lead workers, supervisors and management personnel constantly monitor and inspect our work to assure you of the highest possible quality. If there's ever a problem, we will know about it before you do, and we will fit it Immediately.

The Finest Equipment And Materials

The ASI staff has a wealth of experience in cleaning and maintenance. We back that up with advanced expertise to assure that we use only the finest equipment and materials available. And we keep our equipment well maintained to offer the highest possible efficiency and effectiveness.

Ultimate Reliability

We pride ourselves on the skills of our management and supervisory staff. Their top priority to assure our team has the right people and the right equipment to do the job every time.

Advanced Training

We aim high, and we make sure we'll hit our mark of offering the ultimate in quality. It takes time and effort to train people to do things right. And we're not afraid to make an investment in that time and
effort .Our advanced training programs include special audio-visual materials, classroom instruction, workbooks and practical hands-on demonstration program. The end result is a trained professional ready to do the job right the first time.

Communication Makes It Work

We consider communication between our staff and our clients to be critically important in assuring the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction.That's why we've developed a complete series of specially designed inspection and performance reports that are provided to you on a regular basis. We want to know what you think of our work. And that gives us a solid basis for our program of continuous quality improvement.

Make A Professional Choice

ASI brings the professional touch to cleaning and maintenance. We recognize the importance of a well-maintained office in contributing to our client's performance. And to the investment they've made in their facilities. We'd welcome the chance to tell you more about all the ways we can offer you the highest professionalism possible in cleaning and maintenance. Contact us for more information today.



"ASI has done an excellent job cleaning and maintaining all of our common areas, including the hallways carpets, marble flooring, elevators, parking garage etc...
Their work product and customer service have been impeccable, and I would definitely recommend doing business with them."

Roger J Forbes,LCAM
Property Manager


"Since your company has taken over the cleaning services at The Cricket Club Condominium,Inc. It has been my pleasure to tell there is a night and day difference in not only the cleaning but the attitude of your employees"

Paul M Epstein,CMCA,AMS
General Manager


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